Magical Morocco – A Tour of Morocco in 10 Days

We are down to our final countdown for our trip to Morocco. The anticipation over the past few months has been excruciating. My fiance Christopher and I are visiting Morocco, Africa with our friend Patrick and a small group of students from Worcester State University, Massachusetts.  This trip is turning into an annual event that is led by Professor Mohamed Brahimi, a professor at a few central Massachusetts colleges.  We are scheduled for our first “meet and greet” this afternoon on campus at Worcester State.  I wonder how many students will be traveling together?

As part of our immersion experience, our Professor has asked that we maintain a blog about our visit. I will attempt to keep a regularly updated account of personal experiences as we travel through bustling cities and dune-scapes.

Here is a printout (courtesy of Google Earth) of Morocco.

morocco map

I highlighed different portions of the trip based on how long we are staying at different locations in Morocco. You can see we will be visiting locations such as: Casablanca, Rabat, Meknes, Fes, Ifrane, Azrou, Midelt, Errachidia, Arfoud, Merzouga, Tinghir, Quarazate, and Marrakesh.  It looks like we will be doing a LOT of driving!  I cannot believe how many cities we are going to be able to visit.  Christopher has been dubbed our ‘official photographer’ of the group with our new camera and I hope that he is able to capture some really inspirational photographs during our group journey.

I will admit, I am most excited to travel on camel back/ATV out in the desert to Merzouga on the border of Algeria. I have experienced the feeling of being out at sea with miles of ocean surrounding me, now I can’t wait to feel tiny out in the middle of the desert accompanied by good friends and billions of dazzling stars.

I have traveled to Mexico and Canada before – as well as taking two separate cruises with Christopher to Bermuda, but I feel that this travel experience will be NOTHING like I have ever experienced in my life. I am excited and anxious to go!  I cannot wait to meet my fellow travel-mates and to make new friends.

Will update again soon –




About wheresmrmerlin

I am an English Graduate from Worcester State University with a background in various things. I attended college at Atlantic Union College as a Biology Major with my heart set on becoming a Veterinarian. I love all animals - I am owned by two cats; Yoda and Sparta, a leopard gecko named Joe, and a ball python named Voldemort. During my first year as an Undergraduate student at AUC, one of my favorite professors lamented the fact that I was such a creative writer and pleaded with me to further a career with writing instead of science. Her words rooted into my soul. The next year I transferred to Fitchburg State University, still a Biology Major. Halfway through the year I made the commitment to switch my concentration to teaching Secondary Education in English. I attended FSU for a few years off and on. I transferred my degree to Worcester State University to be closer to home. Seven long college years later, I finally graduated with an Undergraduate Degree in English from WSU in 2011. After much debate and internal struggle, I returned to school in the Fall of 2012 to continue my education at WSU in their Graduate Non-Profit Management Program. I hope to finish my Program with WSU by 2015. Right now I am busy writing, working, teaching my cats good manners, crafting and planning a wedding for next summer. I look forward to travelling more, now that I have gotten the travel bug from visiting Morocco this past summer through an Annual Study Abroad Faculty Led Program that Worcester State University offers. It was truly a life changing experience that allowed me to make many good friends. I cannot wait to see what other adventures life brings my way.
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